Belle Alexander School
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Belle Alexander

Welcome to Belle Alexander School (the kindergarten and first grade attendance center), “Home of the Readers.”

Here at Belle Alexander, our goal is to have ALL our kindergarteners and first graders learn to read and to want to go onto college or training after high school in order to get good jobs!

Our school is a Conscious Discipline school. Conscious Discipline professional development training has taught our  teachers and paraprofessionals to consciously respond to daily conflict, transforming it into an opportunity to teach critical life skills to children.  It’s all about taking a deep breath, calming oneself down and using your words to let someone know how you feel.

Our students are becoming technology experts as they use their IPads or their Smart Tables for writing, reading and math center time.

Each classroom has an electronic whiteboard and all teachers are using them to present their Saxon Phonics lessons as well as other lessons they have prepared.

Our teachers are presently working to align our curriculum to the new Common Core Standards and analyze our reading materials to meet the grade level demands of the Lexile Reading Levels.

Type to Learn 4: Agents of Information!

This link allows students to access and download Type to Learn 4 from their home computers.  Type To Learn 4 is an easy way to teach students proper typing techniques.  Type to Learn 4 addresses an essential, life-long skill for students in today's technology-driven world. Learning is extended from the all-new instructional lessons by 5 supporting practice activities. There is also a diagnostic pre-test and 6 formative assessments placed throughout the lessons. Assessments analyze students' accuracy and speed, setting and adjusting achievement goals as the student improves. Lessons also track students' accuracy and speed and assign immediate, individualized remediation where needed. Teachers and parents will appreciate the real-time record-keeping, including progress graphs and reports on lessons, activities, and assessments. Teachers can analyze student errors by hand, finger, and key to pinpoint problem areas. A parent report, accessed from the student login, allows parents to track their child's progress and scores throughout the program.
Your student should know his own username and password supplied by the District. Our account Code is: 131834.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school at the number provided above.