Subscription Service to Stream KHS Brockman Gym events

Subscription Service to Stream KHS Brockman Gym events

The Kewanee School District Booster Club has purchased a new camera and equipment that will allow individuals to watch Boiler events online.  The website is meant to allow distant family and fans that are unable to attend the opportunity to still enjoy Boiler games and events.    

The Pixellot system is an unmanned camera that follows movement on the court.  Schedules are sent to a system manager who inputs the information into a computer.  When the game/event starts the camera will automatically begin.  

The system is a joint venture of the Illinois High School Association and the Federation of High Schools and uses a system called Pixellot.  Subscribers will have to pay a fee for the service which can be purchased monthly, season, or annually. The District is not charging a fee but there will be a network charge for the subscription.  The website has conveyed that the monthly fee is $9.95 

The School District is allowed to broadcast other non-sport related activities free of charge such as graduation and other special events.  

Most KHS scheduled volleyball, basketball games and some wrestling matches will be aired excluding some special events.  The Pixellot camera is in a fixed location in the Brockman Gym and is unable to be moved elsewhere, therefore, football games and other events held at the KHS Stadium will not be available at this time for viewing.     

For subscription information go to The time zone will always default to EST – however, when viewers create user accounts they can select Central Time Zone as their time zone preference in their Account Settings so that they see all events on the site in CST. The Kewanee HS page is :