School lunch Never Looked Better!

Photo of fruit bowls lined up in serving line

From WQAD - Denise Hnytha

SCHOOL LUNCH NEVER LOOKED BETTER! This is in Kewanee, where presentation counts!

From ABCs of School Nutrition: This gorgeous display of fresh fruits and vegetables was sent to us by Trisha Behnke from Kewanee School District #229! 

The district serves about 1400 students daily through 8 kitchens, with three of those kitchens preparing all of the food. Staffers clean and cut the fruits and vegetables then display them in a colorful pattern. The nutrition program procures the produce through DOD at no cost.

Behnke says, "our kids love [the] variety and beg for watermelon, strawberries, grapes, and blueberries the most."