Belle Celebrates Thanksgiving 2019

The 1st Graders at Belle Alexander celebrated Thanksgiving with a fine feast among friends. Each classroom had their own unique way of celebrating, but everyone had fun, food, and friendship! 


Students learned about the first Thanksgiving during social studies and created special placemats using weaving skills from the Native Americans.. During science, several classrooms learned about the different types of matter by creating and “shaking” their own butter to use for the feast. Students had a chance to try several of the holiday staples like turkey, potatoes, cornbread, and a variety of vegetables, while others combined some unique traditions from one of their literature stories and feasted on hotdogs and other nontraditional goodies. You can’t forget the dessert, another element of fun! First Graders taste-tested different varieties of pie, using their findings to complete a math story problem, while others created a version of pumpkin pie in a cup. Everyone practiced table manners with their monthly social-emotional learning challenge with the school counselor and wrote about all that they are thankful for. The learning and laughter was great reminder to teachers and students alike of the meaning of this great holiday.