On Friday, January 7th, the IDPH released a Health Alert concerning the CDC's new Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines. Please note that the updated CDC guidelines have not been approved yet by IDPH or ISBE. Rather, the IDPH and ISBE plan to revise its existing regulations and guidance documents. While I expected that action to occur before today, nurses and school officials are still waiting on final approval.
I have attached three documents. I have highlighted two key areas in the Health Alert for your review.
Finally, due to supply issues with the State and local health departments in obtaining rapid antigen tests, changes will take place for those individuals who must submit to weekly testing. Specifically, these (weekly testing) asymptomatic individuals will have to submit to weekly PCR tests. Thus, saving rapid tests for symptomatic individuals. An asymptomatic individual may be tested with a rapid test by school nurses on a case-by-case basis. The current PCR testing procedures have changed dramatically since the start of COVID. Current procedures include:
1. The same swab is utilized for both the antigen and PCR tests.
2. The swabs for both antigen and PCR tests are inserted the same depth into the nasal cavity. (i.e. The swab for a PCR test is not inserted past the bridge of the nose as in past practices.)
3. Sending weekly PCR tests to the Henry-Stark County Health Department each Tuesday by 11:00am.
Testing Days/Locations/Times For Weekly Unvaccinated Testing
Monday: KHS          2-3:00pm
Tuesday: Central    7:15-8:15am
I will send out an updated email once the IDPH and ISBE have adopted new rules.
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