2019 Pumpkin Palooza

Collage of decorated pumpkins

Every year the second grade hosts a pumpkin contest in decorating pumpkins. Students are encouraged to use their imagination and create unique pumpkins. The following are some of the very unique pumpkins at Irving School this morning. Friends and families are encouraged to come and ‘vote’ on their favorite pumpkins using quarters.

By popular vote congratulations goes to the following second grade students: 

Kynlee from Mrs. Aselson's room

Isabelle from Ms. Reitier's room

Calvin from Mrs. Plum's room

Layne from Ms. Newman's room

Josie from Ms. DenBlaauwen's room

Marissa from Mrs. Gerard's room 

Vittori from Ms. Heinrich's room 

Top winners for the entire second grade:

Kynlee, Marissa, Layne

We also would like to extend a huge thank you to our students, families and community members who came to vote. The second grade worked very hard and was excited to see people come to admire their work!