Career Day on Wheels 2022

Career Day on Wheels 2022

Career Day On Wheels

Loud sirens, flashing lights, booming horns, and lots of astonished elementary students could be seen and heard from the parking lot during Vehicle Career Day. One might not think a lot of learning could happen in a parking lot, but students from Belle Alexander Elementary and Irving Elementary had the chance to learn about many vehicles and tools used for different jobs in the community and surrounding areas. Over a dozen different vehicles and machinery gave demonstrations and tours of their vehicles to explain how the vehicle helps them with their job. Belle Alexander Elementary School Counselor, Ashley Mikenas, shares, “Anytime we can utilize hands-on, real-life experiences, the students are more engaged and inspired in their learning.  Exposing the students at an elementary level to these different vehicles and jobs can help expand their understanding of the different careers out there. We are so thankful to the volunteers that came today!”  

Belle Students shared some of the new facts that they learned at the event. “Did you know that drones can help us learn about the weather? We saw it fly up in the sky to the clouds!” shares Robert, 1st Grader at Belle Alexander, after viewing the News Channel 8 Weather Beast truck.  One Kindergarten student, Alexander, was amazed at the double engines in the new Ram truck shown by Crowe Auto Group, exclaiming “For double the power!” in excitement.  “I loved watching the workers climb up the power pole and seeing the bucket truck,” shared 

It’s been a long-time coming to get students back to hands-on experiences, after the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Vehicle Career Day Day was a great way to get back into the swing of things. "We couldn't have asked for a better turn-out for our K-3 Vehicle Career Day! All of the vehicles and employees went above and beyond for our students to learn. What a fun day!" stated Tiffany Platz, Irving Elementary School Counselor. 

The career day had rave reviews from students at Irving Elementary, as well. “The best part was the police car when the policeman let us talk in the speaker!” shared Evan and Linkin, both second graders. “I thought the big red truck that carries dirt was so cool! It looked like a giant slide when it was raised up!” shared Jesse, a third grader. 

Many thanks to the vehicle volunteers and funds from the Harry Anderson Trust Grant, for which this event could not have been possible!


  Vehicle Volunteers: 

Ameren IP
Cernovich’s Auto & Truck Salvage
The City of Kewanee- Public Works
Crowe Auto Group-Kewanee
Kewanee Emergency Medical Services
Kewanee Fire Department
Kewanee Police Department
OSF Care-A-Van
TJ Jackson Racing
WQAD Weather Beast
Yarger Machinery