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Course Title:  Driver Education

Grade Level:  9, 10, 11, and 12 (who meet state requirements)

Department:  Driver Education

Prerequisite:  Must have received a passing grade in at least 8 courses during the

 previous 2 semesters.

Credit:  .2 credits for passing both phases of the course

Term(s):  Monday through Friday for 45 days of a semester.

Course Description:  Driver Education is required of all students who meet prerequisites, or upper class men who finally meet prerequisites (unless 18yrs of age).  The students must have a certified copy of the student’s birth certificate on file in the school. 

Classroom phase:  The class will meet Monday through Friday for 45 days during a semester.  After the 45th day, students will report to study hall for the remainder of the semester.  The classroom phase of instruction is given at or just before the time when the pupils reach the legal age for behind the wheel instruction, and the classroom phase of instruction shall emphasize the development of knowledge, attitude, habits, and skills necessary for the safe operation of motor vehicles insofar as they can be taught in the classroom.  Driver Education is dedicated to the idea of helping young people save their lives, since each year more than twice as many people in our 15-24 age group are killed by motor vehicle accidents as by the next greatest cause of death.  Thirty (30) clock hours minimum are required in the classroom phase of Driver Education.

Behind the Wheel:  All students must have an instruction permit before participation in practice driving is legally possible.  Our purpose is to help enable the student to handle the car and controls comfortably so he/she can give full attention to handling traffic situations effectively, six (6) clock hours and one (1) clock hour of observation time, are spent behind the wheel.

Observation time: Refers to that time during which a student is riding in the back seat of a dual-control vehicle observing instructions of the driver education instructor and procedures and techniques of the student driver who is participating in behind-the-wheel instruction. At least one but not more than three student observers must be in the car during behind-the-wheel instruction. At least one hour of observation time is required for each hour of behind-the-wheel instruction (a total of six hours).
Administrative Rule: 23 Ill. Admin. Code Part 252.20(c)(3)

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